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tv   Scottish First Ministers Questions  CSPAN  August 24, 2014 9:00pm-9:36pm EDT

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for the interview. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> for free transcripts or to give us your comments on this q& visit us at coming up, his scottish parliament discussion on the upcoming independence referendum. and the results of a pole, american attitudes towards public education. later, another chance to see "q&a" with charles ringel of new york. is in recess,ment
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so prime minister's questions will not be seen tonight. on september 18, scotland will vote on an independence referendum whether to end of their 305-year-old political union with england. members pressed first minister salmond.and -- this is about 30 minutes. >> thank you very much presiding officer. what engagements his plans for the rest of the day. >> presiding officer, yesterday, the governor of the bank of
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-- he warned the scottish government had asked him -- had overestimated oil and gas production's by 45% and 60%. he warned the first minister had overestimated oil tax revenue by 2000 million pounds a year. with the first minister care to explain to him, his children and grandchildren why he is wrong yg? >> hope we can agree on more than two things. we agreed to weeks ago that scotland had the potential to be an independent country. i think everybody agreed with that in this chamber. let me agree with ian would. she is not the only authority.
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these are also major authorities and oil and gas. can i just point out that the figure i've often quoted of up to 24 billion barrels of oil and gas equipment remain in the north sea is not a scottish government source. it was a figure that the industry produced, has produced for a number of years and i think is a robust figure. >> the first minister recognizes that he is in the forte, but is he says something doesn't want to hear, he just ignores it. that is not good enough.
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that sirave imagined ian wood knew exactly with the first minister said. these are critiques we must address. -- relevantnister to scotland's independence is how long offshore oil and gas production will last. must be "young waters fully aware that by the time they near middle-age, scotland will have little offshore oil and gas production, and it will seriously hit our economy, jobs, and public health. can the first minister tell our children and grandchildren why he was wrong to give that warning? >> my headline message for the youth of today, get involved. the oil industry will see you through your lifetime.
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he and woods, bbc, ninth of he has been2 foremost in pointing out the future potential of the oil and gas. and listen to be in wood on the radio. he said, and i think he was right to do the toe -- to do so, is a modelercamp of north sea oil and gas -- she said he had spoken to the professor, and he thought that the figure of 15-16.5 billion barrels was an appropriate estimate. incidentally, that is compared with the other estimate of 10 billion over the next 30 years. in my calculation, that is 60% higher than what is offered by her majesty's government.
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i consulted the presidents website. that is absolutely correct. they've conducted substantial modeling. if targeted tax incentives were introduced up to 2050, it could increase the 15-16.5 barrels of oil. it goes on. there is potential for further 2050 if otherter fuels could be rendered economically viable. the professor found that in the year 2050, no less than 125 nonexisting discoveries remain undeveloped, with further progress and will progress -- >> order. finishes -- dos, the ultimate potential of 24 billion of barrels equivalent appears
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plausible. now we have a point of agreement. [laughter] up to 2050. barrels 24 billion barrels, the total value of the oil. billions oft of barrels, and scotland should welcome it. that will give a lot of confidence to people -- [laughter] minister, the first .aid he listened he willfully refused to hear what he was seeing. he was woods said frustrated about being misrepresented and misquoted. that's an example, a hallmark of
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the first minister's approach of persuading people to support his lifelong project. they've nor the substance of the argument. in his warning, sir ian woods envisaged, far from independent scotland exporting energy, scotland and would have to import from the rest of the united kingdom. he said, this preeminent expert said, unfortunately, think scotland will also rule out ash lose out on renewables. the u.k. is subsidizing renewables. --added of the oil industry >> please. >> this is about the future of our country.
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not political projects. he added of the oil industry, most operators would feel more confident if scotland was to remain part of the u.k. that?uld ian would see is right to say so. 2050 is not the limit of the oil industry, going long beyond that. i have the transcript of his interview this morning. i spoke to him two or three times recently and he is pretty clear. that is exactly the point i was making. 50 to 60 billion by
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2050. -- so that is the country of scotland. billion.nly 60.5 what is one trillion pounds of wholesale value? perhaps 1.5 trillion. cost of 50 billion barrels of oil. every other country in the world would give them grief for such a substantial resource. [applause] party and the labour their allies -- and incidentally, having 25% of
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offshore renewable energy potential across europe, not a disadvantage. [applause] >> one moment. order. country isd wonderful, wonderful. wonderful country and deserves not to have its intelligence insulted. >> order. >> it is a basic point between me and the minister. it is about the future of our country. so let's review the record over the last two years. the legal advice, that was not true.
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it has been established beyond heard venture that that was not true. nicholas said the nhs and scotland could not be privatized. scotland -- >> order. we will get through this quicker -- this is your last question. let me hope you get an answer to the question. isscotland's oil expert derided by its own foreign minister.
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a plan b onhave europe or oil. trustouble is he does not because he is a man without a plan. >> order. first minister. >> with respect to the policy, the range of experts have analyzed the scottish government figures and produced their own estimates, which are very similar to the projections of the scottish government. they say that the u.k. treasury is missing a mountain of black gold. , and 24 billion figure industry estimate. it has been used by many people. out of you have pointed that that is up to 2050.
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there is more to come. on the question of the health withce, how about agreeing unison, the union? they cannot run down and privatize our nhs the way they are doing in england. what they can do is cut back on formoney for the swedish -- the scottish government and putting the government under pressure. union. the and then there is the question about who is to blame. davidson's comments only this week. he identified that labor's failures were the reason for the mp's success. it is more to do with the failures of the labour party,
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the lack of modernization. argument was that scottish forces moved from glasgow to the new town of scotland. want thehem did not tammany hall politics of labor. [applause] >> order. order. >> i am able to quote that -- ian davidson. the labour party of scotland do not have a plan a, never mind a plan b. [applause] >> order. the order. >> thank you. to ask the first minister when you will next meet the prime minister -- >> i do not plan to. respectedhe most
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figure in the oil industry. for 2.5 years, he has stayed .tudiously neutral he had no wish to get involved. the first minister was firing out on sir ian's critique yesterday. what i am asking is why does he think he feels so compelled to speak out? was that the oil .5serve was between 50 to 60 billion. that is based on the forecasts , whoec count -- kemp points out that that applies up to 2050. there are already oil fields on the west coast which are going
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to produce beyond 2050. over 100 oil discoveries to 2050. he and many industry figures believe that was the overall , the in terms of reserves industry estimate. u.k. oil and gas, individual companies. from tim smith, the vice president. produced atarrels the end of 2012. potentially 27 billion barrels beyond 2050. if the industry estimate is up to 24 and major companies are saying 27, can they realize that whether it is 60.5 billion in 2050, thatllion by
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is many billions of barrels of oil. every country in the world would believe that is an enormous asset. why do the tories and the labour party alone believe in that reliability? [applause] >> with all due respect to the first minister, that is not why sir ian felt he had the need to speak out. he is not trying to win any votes. he just wants the scottish people to know the facts before they make this irreversible decision. the first minister has twisted ears and simply closed his to anything that does not fit his lifelong obsession of independence. not everybody out there is like that.
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people want to know what is best for their children and their grandchildren. so can the first minister just have the decency, even at this pointtage, to concede his that our young voters must be aware. by the time they are middle-aged, scotland will have little offshore oil and gas production and this will seriously hit our economy, jobs, and public services. will he not concede it? even her boss, the prime minister, has not said that. a rallying call to the use of scotland saying that something could end the oil industry and it would last them an entire lifetime. >> order.
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alec kemp is cited as the person for the forecast. he points out there are 125 dac -- which will be undeveloped by 2050, admit that it is a long term business that will be with us for generations to come? davidson will know that major figures in the westminster government have admitted they underestimated the significance of oil and gas. we underplayed the value of the resource. it was part of the normal .attern to question the values given the track record of westminster, is it not possible
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that our government are doing exactly the same thing? [applause] looking at the evidence over the last 40 years, most people in scotland would say, let's get to using natural resources for the benefit of the scottish people. [applause] >> how will the scottish government ensure the future of shipbuilding? >> tuesday, i met with the ferguson shop schools. tomorrow, i will speak with employees about the scottish government's commitment to the future. a multiagency task force has been convened by the cabinet of
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the secretary and is due to have its next meeting by sunday. everyone in the chamber is doing everything within their power to ensure the continuation of shipbuilding. [applause] >> can i think the first minister for his response? they have already declared and expressed serious interest in the shipbuilding in ferguson, which demonstrates what falls on the future and will be good news . express serious interest. to place orders following the very successful -- there is no question that the
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scottish government wishes to continue commercial shipbuilding . is that a commitment that is shared and 10 ensure the acquirement of 12 new vessels that will be used in support of ferguson's and the wider scottish economy? known in terms of how to analyze the situation. there have been substantial orders placed with this yard. together, the new generation of environmentally sensitive fairies -- ferries. we hope we can revive a situation where that can continue under new ownership. one is that the spirit and the determination -- one thing that
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-- no one hasmous questioned the skill and dedication and resilience. we should give them maximum support. i was encouraged by the statement yesterday because he made it quite clear that he was .oving to an early deadline in that statement, he said he was moving to that deadline because he wanted to make sure there was a chance of continuation of ferguson's. he would be looking at holding this workforce together and making sure there are prospects for the future. although we are not there yet and we can still be more anxious , that we have reason for
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substantial encouragement based not just on the determination of this government and everyone in but the resolve and the resilience of the shipyard workers themselves. [applause] >> thank you. the first minister says to the final report by the commission -- >> we welcome that independence provides the opportunity to empower communities as we set out our prospectus for scotland's island communities. status can only be guaranteed by a written constitution. >> i think the first minister for his reply. the first minister is aware that there was a previous report in of2, failure and revival
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local democracies in scotland. the only way we can truly get a democratic society in scotland is by voting yes to ensure that does noter government interfere in democratic structures that we want to see in a future scotland. >> i agree with that position. question ist of his very opposite. there are a range of vital institutions in which a written constitution have entrenched protection. that is one of the benefits of having a written constitution. glasgows in the city of , 71 nations and territories competing in these games. with the exception of new zealand, every single one of these independent countries has
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a written constitution that preserves the rights of their citizens. i agree with john wilson that the position on local government would be entrenched in a written constitution and independent scholar. first minister hope the economic strategy will help to achieve the aims of opportunity? >> independence offers opportunity for the potential of scotland's extraordinarily talented population. through independence, we can create more and better job opportunities, helping young people to realize aspirations here in scotland. for a declaration of opportunity, our colleagues in the conservative party are hoping to declare --
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>> we know the first minister forecasted a mere 60% out. year.s 350 million a economics would see a separate 8.6 million black hole in finances. will he apologize to the specialists as the complete and utter lie about nhs privatization in the event of a no vote? extremelyit is difficult. he has alliances with the conservative party to try and inflect the position. people in scotland agree with the surge of support for protecting our national health service and proving independence for scotland with a written constitution. he will not take close attention to the quote i read from unison,
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making the point that as the health service budget -- he surely does not believe that is attempting to increase the health service in england. happens, unison identified through financial pressure. increase over the last few years in the national health service budget. either we believe that the labour party in wales wants to reduce spending on the national health service, which even i do go with the or we financial pressure of westminster. i agree with the labour party of england that privatization from the tories is endangering the health service. [applause]
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>> order. order. question six. >> thank you. progress than made in reducing cancer mortality rates? we had figures showing the mortality rates have reduced by around 25% in the last 25 -- in the last 20 years. have a new strategy aimed at pushing cancer survival to 3 and 4 within the next couple of years. we are improving infrastructure, including 22 million pounds for the new center being built at northwest hospital to help meet the rising demands for radiotherapy treatment over the next 10 years.
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>> i think the foreign minister for that answer. fewer people smoking have contributed to the fall of the death rates. does the first minister agree that the health and the quality gap between the lowest and highest groups is still far too high for too many chancellors -- force too many cancers. stopping cancer as the deadly estate is vital to ensure everyone in scotland receives the treatment they need. why the government has a 30 million pound ,nvestment for the program investing more than 12 million to modernize the scottish -- we are focusing on recognizing the signs and symptoms of cancer and encouraging people to get checked. ment ands -- diagnose
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treatment in the early stages ensure everyone receives timely treatment and a follow-up. i hope that everyone in this chamber understands the importance of protecting and preserving our national health service in scotland. it is absolutely vital. we believe that can be done through scottish independence. members shouldy the smp have become what the labour party should have become. [applause] >> we now move to members business. members who leave the chamber should do so quickly and quietly. >> on september 18, scotland will vote on an independence referendum. tomorrow, bbc scotland posts the
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second debate between alex sam and alistair darling. been advocating for an independent scotland. david cameron thinks scotland should stay in the u.k. 51% of voters support staying in the u.k. 38% support independence. live coverage of the debate begins at 3:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. next, the results of the poll on american attitudes towards public education. with charles rangel of new york. see a another chance to scottish parliament discussion on the upcoming independence referendum. delta kappa a phi
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international and gallup poll, standardscans oppose but are in favor of standardized testing like the s.a.t. and a. c.t. they discuss possible solutions for public education equity and reform. this is one hour and 25 minutes. >> how is it going? all right. ok. first of all, on behalf of gallup, welcome to our beautiful, great hall. i am these active director of gallup education and i am delighted to kick off the results from the 46th annual p.d.k. gallup poll. in 1969, many years before i was born. you have a deeper appreciation for how many years we have been looking at public perceptions of
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schools. obviously, a special opportunity every year. it is interesting. in addition to this special half century of research we have done in collaboration ., arguably, in the last year, has conducted more orource -- more research education than any organization we can't think of. if i were to summarize some of the most important things we learned last year, which i will do in a few short minutes, it is safe to say that what we are seeing is that something is very wrong. but we have to be careful about what we mean when we say something is very wrong. because there is a lot of stuff that is still going pretty darn well. i wonder if we have not, as a country, started to become incredibly negative about school, teachers, education. this is not just an american phenomenon.


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